Saturday, May 26, 2007

sewing 101

My first sewing project on the new machine! I love it! The pattern is from The Crafter's Companion, and it was an excellent first project, as I didn't need to worry so much about straight lines and could instead get the feel of the machine. I love the sound it makes, especially the whir before the sewing begins, like the spinning legs of Road Runner as he gets ready to run in those old cartoons. It's such a cheery purse, so springlike, and here it's late fall!

It's 4:30, and the sun is behind the hill already. But I bought these lovely chrysanthemums from the florist on Saturday, and just look how sunny they seem. I love giving the heads a little squeeze. When I finally have a garden of my own, I shall plant only the puffiest flowers--mums, hydrangeas, peonies--so that the garden is always plump and soft and reminescent of clouds of moths (that's what hydrangeas seem to me: clouds of moths).

Have a lovely day!

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