Sunday, May 20, 2007

my friend pfaff

Introducing my new obsession: Pfaff 213. I purchased it recently on Trade Me and yesterday got it set up in my office. I haven't really used a sewing machine since high school home ec class. Mainly I've sewn by hand, which I do enjoy. I even handsewed a quilt once, but it took me years, literally. But now I have Pfaff, and oh, the places we'll go!

On the needles I'm working on my first sock--the cabled sock from Handknit Holidays--but it's a gift, and I can't risk posting a picture and ruining the surprise. Let me just say that I am addicted to socks! I love it. At first, not having a person to turn to who could explain turning heels, &c., I was a bit intimidated, but the internet is so useful (especially this link ) so now I've decided to knit socks for everyone I know.

Finally, this week I met my secret skein pals for the No Sheep Skein Swap. They're both so lovely! It's a thrill to hear from other knitters, and I can't wait to exchange skeins.


Erica-Jane said...

So how do you like the machine? I have just purchased the same model but it's still being serviced. Did yours come with any extras or a manual?

CarylAnne said...

Hi, my name is Caryl. I belong to OldPFaffPforum on yahoo groups. they are very helpful about vintage pfaffs and a good source to go to if you have questions.

you're having your machine serviced? what for? there are plenty of mechanically minded people on the Pforum that can help with problems.


Janet Kaiser said...

Hi! How did it go with your Pfaff 213? I have just acquired one via eBay and awaiting delivery (in Germany). Did yours come with a manual? I found one online should you need one. Would love to hear how things went. Cheers!